We design websites for $249.00 and we will maintain your website for $11.00 a month.  All requested changes to your site can take up to 24 hours.  In most cases changes will be performed the same day.You are not held to any binding contracts, you may cancel our services at any time.  Most sites take up to 72 hours to build and upon your request we will change and build on your site until you are satisfied.  Your monthly maintenance is unlimited.  You can call on a daily basis to make changes to your site. Just try our services and you will be just as satisfied as you are with all the other services AtG provides....

In the very near future we are going to expand our AtG computer Plan services to all household appliances to include garden equipment. We are currently working on AtG Visa and Master Debit Cards, when you pay your account on time it gets reported to all three major credit companies.

Computer Repair Plan Service

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