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AtG Teams Up With The

Around The Way Children Program

Hello my name is Lawrence Alexander Smith and I am the founder of Against The Grain and the Around The Way Children Program.  We will be sponsoring less fortunate children in our community that are in need of our services.  It appears that a lot of today's donations from other organizations are focused on problems in other countries.  As I look upon the children in the New York State area, they need just as much help and love as the children in the other parts of the world.  We are selling candy, cakes, raffle tickets and anything else that we can legally sell to earn money to take care of our children.  If we can show the children that we care, than maybe more of our children will grow up to be better people.  I want everyones donations to be publicized so that the hard working people that have donated can see where their hard working donations are going. We at AtG are donating a portion of our earnings for this cause.In the near future we are planning on funding emergencies, all holidays, birthdays, children in need of clothing or food.  We also have a training program already set in place to train parents that need additional education for gaining better employment to substantially  provide for their  families. We in the near future will be opening up amusement parks, skating rinks and after school programs in the New York State area to keep our children off the streets.


This program is so important to me because I lived in and out of foster care for my entire childhood.  Some days I wondered where would I be when I woke up in the morning.  When I wasn't in foster care I was home being abused by my  mother.  My mother received public assistance for me and kept it for her self, which left me to take care of myself at the age of eleven years old.  I use to go to school wearing my sisters shoes because my shoes had so many holes in them that they would just fall off of my feet on the way to school.  My sister's shoes were to small for my feet but I wore them anyway.  My feet hurt so bad in her shoes I had to leave school early on many occasions so that I could go home and rub my feet. If I accidentally broke something in the house my mother would beat me.  My brother was so upset behind the beatings that when I would break things in the house he would tell my mother that he did it.  After all of that abuse, I was looking for something that could make me feel good about life. Some very good people took there time and shoed me love and concern and made a deference in my life.  When I can give to unfortunate children like myself it makes me feel so good about living and it also reminds me of the people that helped me.   There is nothing more rewarding then giving love, clothes, food and gifts to a child.  Someone gave me the love and nourishment that I needed and today I am a proud New York State Correction Officer and also a Certified Police Instructor and a Unarmed Defensive Tactics Instructor.  I just want to put back the love that was given to me, back into the community where it belongs.