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To Everyone

**Computer Repair Service Plan **

This business was put together to help every one. Our suffering economy can't take another business chipping away at the little bit of money that we have put up for emergencies. With the growing demands for computers it is almost impossible to live without them today. Our children need computers to complete their homework, some people don't want to go out and shop due to the aggravating lines at the registers, so they shop at home. Some people use their computers to earn extra income to make ends meet. Trust me the list goes on and on.

For a very small fee every month you can protect your investment. Our business was designed to make people feel secure in an un secure society. When our clients make their monthly payments they are also creating jobs for people in the community. Upon doing so manifests a better quality of life for everyone.

The ATG Computer Repair Plan service costs less than half of the price of our competitors without cutting the cost of quality and excellent service. With the growing number of viruses attacking our computers as we access the World Wide Web and the importance that computers play in our everyday lives, ATG can help you protect them without breaking the bank.

 Lawrence Alexander Smith, Founder & CEO of Against the Grain, Inc.

There is no refund policy on any payments made on your account. There is only a factory warranty on new parts. There is no warranty on used parts. As long as your account is paid on time you will have unlimited servicing.

If there is any questions we can be reached by E-Mail at, phone 914-338-7288 or by mail at the address listed below

Against The Grain Inc.

Lawrence Alexander Smith

399a Walnut Street

Yonkers NY 10701