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Against The Grain Inc

399a Walnut Street

Yonkers New York 10701

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Against the Grain Incorporated is a computer and appliance repair service company. The services speak for itself. We run a no hassle business that extends from Long Island to Connecticut back down through New Jersey. We come out to your home and inventory your computers to make sure that they are working properly. Once they have been inventoried and they are working properly they can be put on our plan. From that point on we are 100% present responsibly for repairs. If your unit needs repairing before your sign up there will be a limited fee of $20.00 for our repair plus parts. Our limited signup fee is $10.00 and our monthly fee is $11.00 a month for an unlimited amount of computers that you own. This special fee will last until the end of 2014. After that it will go back up to the normal sign up fee of $19.00 and our repair fee will also go back up to $35.00 plus parts. Our monthly fee will remain at $11.00 a month.

Either way you will save on repair cost and service fees. All estimates are free, all house calls, are free. We have built this business to benefit the people that have been getting robbed by computer companies.

Our payment plan is simple. We have a company that automatically deducts your monthly payment directly from your credit card or debit card account. Our you can pay annually. We have a very flexible payment plans for our customers.

My name is Lawrence A Smith and I put this business together for all of the wonderful people that have looked out for me throughout the years. I was always taught that if someone does something nice for you, you pass it on to the next person. When you practice those simple things it becomes a habit for most people and it makes this world a better place to live. Take some time to read about my story. Thanks so much for taking the time and stopping by.



Lawrence A Smith